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The Samoyedcoin Project

Amid the rise of “memecoins” and Solana in 2021, Samoyedcoin (SAMO) was born to promote, educate and support the Solana ecosystem. Seeing the potential of online communities, the advantages of Solana, and the influence dog coins have in onboarding new market participants, marketing their underlying blockchain, and infiltrating modern-day culture, SAMO pivoted from a “memecoin” to an experimental Web 3.0 community coin. We take inspiration from all those building in the Solana ecosystem, especially Solana’s Co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko.

SAMO is an emerging digital asset that backs a community concentrated on onboarding Solana users, educating market participants, making personal connections, and helping each other navigate life. While we’re the fastest, most efficient, and most eco-friendly dog money in all of crypto, we aspire to be MORE than that; we aspire to be Solana’s Ambassador.

Our Vision: Accelerate the adoption, development, and growth of the Solana ecosystem. 

Our Mission: Establish Samoyedcoin as Solana’s ambassador by pushing the limits of what’s possible for a Web 3.0 community. 

Our Strategy: Provide market participants with the knowledge, resources, and community to better navigate Solana, crypto, and life.    

How to Buy $Samo?

The easiest way to join the Samo Famo is to get your paws on some $SAMO!

You can purchase $SAMO via a centralized exchange (CEX) or a decentralized exchange (DEX), such as Orca or Jupiter.

Already have some tokens on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and/or Arbitrum? Swap them for SAMO using The Samo Swap!

How to Buy NFTs?

Samoyedcoin’s genesis collection of randomly generated, custom-designed NFTs can be purchased on major NFT marketplaces, such as Magic Eden and Solanart.

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2022 Wins

Frequently Asked questions

Samoyedcoin's origins date back to April 2021, when SAMO's founders first became immersed in the Solana ecosystem amid the rise of several notable DeFi projects. After falling in love with Solana, the team identified an opportunity to add a little "fun" to the ecosystem, which led to the birth of SAMO.

Though initially launched as a meme coin, SAMO has evolved into an experimental community coin that backs a community of market participants focused on better navigating the crypto ecosystem, helping educate and onboard new users, and making meaningful life-long connections along the way. Seeing the impact global communities had in 2021 (such as Reddit's notorious r/WallStBets subreddit), SAMO has identified an opportunity to bring together like-minded crypto enthusiasts to leave our mark in crypto and on the world.

Thanks to the technological advantages of Solana, SAMO is more efficient, eco-friendly, and scarce than other "dog coins," such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). While we take great pride in being the best form of dog money in the game, we aspire to be more than that. We aspire to be an onboarding and marketing tool for the Solana ecosystem, in addition to a global community where anyone can join to learn more about the Solana ecosystem and traverse it together.

Unlike our peers, the SAMO community (dubbed "The Samo Famo") believes that fostering a no-shill, non-contentious, transparent, free-spirited culture is the best path forward. Unfortunately, most meme coins and community coins are founded on disingenuous practices today. Many use deceptive tokenomics, pursue aggressive marketing campaigns purely for price appreciation, urge their members to aggressively self-promote their coin, and even use automated technologies (also known as "bots) to spread awareness via social media. Seeing that these strategies are likely to yield an unstable and inauthentic community, SAMO intentionally zigs when others zag.

SAMO chose to build on Solana not only because of the opportunity to add some good ol' fashion memeing fun, but also because of Solana's technological advantages. As it stands today, transactions on Solana take less than a second to complete, cost a fraction of a penny to send ($0.00025), and use as much energy as a Google search. Needless to say, Solana is the most efficient and eco-friendly blockchain around.

$SAMO and SAMO NFT owners can get exclusive access to VIP channels and events in our Discord. In the future, holders of both will be able to gain access to SAMO DAO.

Not only that, but $SAMO can be used across various Solana-based platforms, such as Cropper Finance, Orca, Raydium, Solend, Step Finance, and soon BetDEX.

Lastly, SAMO NFTs provide yet another way for community members to tie their online identity with the Samo Famo so they can show the world that they're part of our community. Owners can also write their own lore at and lend out their NFT on to get more SOL

As we grow along with the market, additional utility for both $SAMO and SAMO NFTs will be available to holders.

The SAMO Vision: Accelerate the adoption, development, and growth of the Solana ecosystem.

The SAMO Mission: Establish Samoyedcoin as Solana’s ambassador by pushing the limits of what's possible for a Web 3.0 community.

The SAMO Strategy: Provide market participants with the knowledge, resources, and community to better navigate Solana, crypto, and life.

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