Solana's cutest ambassador!

The symbol of the Solana ecosystem’s memes token
Join us and let us be your guide in the crypto world!

The Samoyedcoin project

Even though it was originally released as a memecoin, SAMO is becoming a real Solana’s ambassador. Helping to onboard new people to Solana, building new and exciting solutions for the ecosystem, the cutest dog can do it all.

The samoyed or самоед is a breed of dog originating from Eastern Europe, same as Solana’s beloved cofounder Anatoly Yakovenko!

Not only is it the most adorable dog on any blockchain, but it also bears the name of one of Solana’s ecosystem’s most prominent figures: Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, making it the perfect Solana doge!

It’s community-owned and fun!

Inspired by Sam Bankman-Fried and Anatoly Yakovenko, walking in Dogecoin’s pawsteps.

How to buy

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    Create an SPL wallet (we recommend Sollet or Phantom).

  • 2

    The easiest way is to go to Bonfida or use Raydium's swap.

  • 3

    Connect your wallet and check that you have selected the SAMO token.

  • 4

    Place a buy order at the desired price or proceed with a "market buy" if you are using bonfida or select your exchange pair if you use Raydium swap.

  • 5

    Congratulations, you are now part of the SAMO Family.

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Max Supply



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were burned at launch
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were burned over 3 events


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already airdropped to the community
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released gradually


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Core team


April 2021
April 2021

-Birth of $SAMO, first memecoin built on Solana.

-13% of the total $SAMO supply airdropped to our community members.

-First batch of $SAMO is burned (2.1%) and 1.4% of the total $SAMO supply is distributed in a meme contest.

May 2021
May 2021

-5% of the total $SAMO supply is burned in an event to honor Anatoly Yakovenko with a vanity address.

-$SAMO to participate in the 2021 Solana Season Hackathon.

June 2021
June 2021

-5% of the total $SAMO supply is burned in an event to honor Sam Bankman-Fried with a vanity address.

July 2021
July 2021

-54% of the total $SAMO supply is burned to celebrate the start of Solana Summer.

August 2021
August 2021

-$SAMO NFT with a burn mechanism.

Q3-Q4 2021
Q3-Q4 2021

-$SAMO merchandise.

-$SAMO game.

-Continue our mission to be a community driven coin to bring fun and awareness to the Solana ecosystem.

Samo Tools

The SAMO team is working hard to put tools at your disposal.

Samo Tips

It will generate a HTML embed code you can use to setup a tipping portal of your own -
TIPS Samoyedcoin

Samo Airdrop Tools

The included tools enable you to get lists of any token holders/mints with min/max/random distributions as well as flat and proportional airdrop options -
Distributions Tools

Samo Dex

SamoDEX is capable of providing additional trading info for any pair listed on Bonfida -

Disclaimer: The information provided shall not in any way constitute a recommendation as to whether you should invest in any product discussed. Samoyedcoin’s team accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published. Samoyedcoin is not a security as per US financial regulation, Europe, UK, Canada, or any other regulation. Samoyedcoin’s team, developers, and other stakeholders created this token for fun and meme only. The ownership of $SAMO coin does not give any right of return, vote, management, or any other right. This is a MEME COIN.