How to buy ?


Go to Bonfida ( then connect your sollet wallet or the wallet of your choice on sol


You will be asked to unlock it with a pre-defined password, and then requested to allow the market to access. Your sollet account, simply unlock the account with the password then click ‘Connect’ (You can also turn on an automatic approval of transactions; otherwise you need to manually confirm everything in the pop-up window of sollet


Let’s get to explain the black magic to rookies then!

A – That’s the price that you want to buy/sell the token for.

B – That’s the amount of tokens that you want to buy/sell.

C – That’s the total amount of money that you’ll pay/gain after the transaction has been completed (Reminder!! Please keep one thing in mind – someone has to actually buy/sell the tokens for the price that you’ve put in A section to actually complete the transaction)

D – Current price of the token in USDC. You can also see current orders list up and below that price to see how much people are buying/selling the token for (Including the amount of tokens that someone want to buy/sell in that specific transaction).

E – That’s the magic button! After filling A, Band C You are free to click on that button to push the transaction onto the market.

F To buy at the market price

If you haven’t tick the automatically approve transactions, don’t forget to click on the windows. It may be behind your other windows.


After putting the transaction onto the market it has to be fulfilled (Either someone has to sell X tokens for the price that you’re willing to pay or buy X tokens for the price that you enlisted in your transaction). Keep in mind, that if you’ve put a large transaction onto the market, then it can be fulfilled in parts.

For example: you’ve put up a transaction to buy 1000000 $SAMO tokens for 0.0004, however someone sold only 100000 tokens, which means 900000 $SAMO that you wanted to buy are still to be fulfilled!

Remember that you can always cancel the transaction (lets say.. because you wanted to sell for 0.0004, however it went to 0.0003 and you want to sell really badly), the only thing you have to do in order to do so is clicking the ‘Cancel’ button and confirming it on the pop-up sollet wallet page 😉


Your order has been fully completed and you bought 10k $SAMO tokens, however it did not appear in your sollet wallet balance? Kindly take a look on your wallet balance on the market then!

As you can see – there’s an unsettled balance amount here! If there is, simply clickon the ‘Settle’ button and confirm it on the pop-up sollet page to transfer coins onto your wallet!