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Samoyedcoin volatility

Don’t Fear Volatility: What Is It & How To Use It

Volatility is a term we’ve all heard before. However, many wrongly assume that volatility is inherently “bad.” This has caused the term to develop a negative connotation and has resulted in market participants failing to use volatility as a tool to better navigate markets.

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Is Crypto Bad for the Environment?

Let’s face it, not everyone understands crypto. To make matters worse, several misconceptions have emerged over the years that have allowed for baseless and unfactual narratives to cloud people’s perspective of cryptoassets.

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El podcast del perro alfa

Tierra DeFi ($DFL)

DeFi Land es un juego de simulación de agricultura multicadena creado para gamificar las finanzas descentralizadas.

Solendo ($SLND)

Solend es un protocolo algorítmico y descentralizado para prestar y pedir prestado en Solana. Piense en Aave o Compound en Solana.

Orca ($ORCA)

Orca es el intercambio de criptomonedas más fácil, rápido y fácil de usar en la cadena de bloques de Solana.

Paso Finanzas ($STEP)

Step Finance es una plataforma de visualización de carteras que agrega todos los LP, tokens, granjas y posiciones que un usuario puede tener asociado con su billetera y los muestra en un panel integrado.

Jupiter Exchange (

Jupiter exchange has quickly become known as the go-to swap aggregator on Solana. By tapping into more than a dozen different Solana swaps and DEXs, Jupiter offers its users best execution for virtually any SPL token.

Lifinity ($LFNTY)

Lifinity, the first proactive market maker on Solana that has been designed to improve capital efficiency and reduce impermanent loss.

Genopets ($GENE & $KI)

GenoPets is the first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game on Solana and first came onto the scene in late 2021. Genopets rewards players with crypto as they play minigames and partake in physical activity.

Nom (MonkeDAO)

Nom is one of the founders of MonkeDAO, the first NFT-based DAO on the Solana blockchain, and is among the Solana ecosystem's most influential. Trust us, this is an episode you don't want to miss!

❤️ B+J Studios ($RAIN)

Fast Edward and Solana Steve are some of Solana's most notorious builders. Given all the noise surrounding Raindrops, Cupcake protocol, and B+J Studios' latest $10M raise, we had to bring both on to hear more about what they're up to.